# Go-IPFS 0.7

The Go-IPFS logo.

In August, we announced the deprecation of the SECIO security transport (opens new window). In this release, we have disabled SECIO by default, which will impact older nodes on the network. The best way to mitigate this change's impact is to upgrade your IPFS nodes (opens new window) as soon as possible! Not only will upgrading ensure you're using the latest security transports, but you'll also get access to all of the performance improvements (opens new window) we've made this year to content routing.

With this release, you will also start seeing more Peer IDs on the network that start with 1 instead of the typical Qm. This is due to a switch to ed25519 keys being used by default over RSA keys, which you can read more about in the highlights below.

# Highlights

  • SECIO is now disabled by default.
  • Ed25519 keys are now used by default.
  • Keys can be imported and exported.
  • IPNS paths now encode the key name as a base36 CIDv1 by default.
  • Multiaddresses now accept PeerIDs encoded as CIDv1.
  • Initial support has been added for dag stat.
  • Plugin build changes.

For more information, check out the Features page.

# The Changelog

For a full list of updates included in this release, you can review the changelog on GitHub. (opens new window).