# Go-IPFS 0.6

The Go-IPFS logo.

This is a relatively small release in terms of code changes, but it contains some significant changes to the IPFS protocol.

# Features

There are plenty of features packed into this release:

  • QUIC by default.
  • Libp2p Noise as a new security transport.
  • Custom 404 pages and base36 support.
  • Gossipsub upgrade.
  • New peering command for persistent connections between libp2p nodes.

# Breaking changes

There are no breaking changes in this release. However, there is a migration that will run, and the QUIC transport has changed protocol versions. The migration will:

  • Normalize multiaddrs in the bootstrap list to use the /p2p/Qm... syntax for multiaddrs instead of the /ipfs/Qm... syntax.
  • Add QUIC addresses for the default bootstrapers, as necessary. If you've removed the default bootstrappers from your bootstrap config, the migration won't add them back.
  • Add a QUIC listener address to mirror any TCP addresses present in your config. For example, if you're listening on /ip4/, this migration will add a listen address for /ip4/

# Changelog

You can find the changelog on the Go-IPFS 0.6 GitHub release page (opens new window).