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Network Programming with Go

An e-book on building network applications using the Google Go programming language (golang). I wrote this a few years ago (2012), taking my old lecture notes about Java and network programming and rewriting them in Go. There were many things that did not copy across due to the comparative richness of the Java libraries, but where Go is applicable it generally gives cleaner and simpler code than Java.

Jan Newmarch Jan Newmarch is Academic Course Manager (ICT) at Box Hill Institute and Adjunct Professor Canberra University . His home page is at jan.newmarch.name . Jan has been writing books and papers for many years on all sorts of aspects of ICT: distributed programming, user interfaces, audio,Java, Go, GPUs, Raspberry Pi, X Window system, Wayland, ...

This version of the book is derived from HTML source at jan.newmarch.name/LinuxSound

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