Correcting the gamed stakedrop - Proposed by Core-1 after numerous discussions with the community.

By voting yes on this proposal you agree to reduce the gamed whale address to 50k $JUNO (Whalecap that was originally set per entity prior to genesis).

Note: The facts are that the Juno genesis stakedrop was gamed by a single entity. Willingly or unwillingly is not relevant to this matter.
The whale gamer poses a growing risk to the network and the stakedrop error may be corrected.
Gamed funds were consolidated into 1 address right after genesis which proves that 1 entity had custody over all addresses (linked below).
This considerably broke the stakedrop rules of having a max 50k ATOM : 50k JUNO per entity.
At the time of the genesis stakedrop there was no way for Core-1 to pro-actively counter act this behavior.
If this information would have been known prior to launch, 51/52 of those addresses would have been removed entirely.

Risks of doing nothing

Order of operations

  1. Upgrade
  2. Remove funds from whale gamer acct
  3. Send funds to the Juno community pool
  4. Leave 50k JUNO on the address (Fair share)
  5. Core-1 will compansate affected Validators with the next official delegation round

For your convenience, below are all the addresses that were consolidated into the whale account right after genesis: