Towards a Republic of Liker Land: The 9th Proposal

LikeCoin chain Proposal #9 - Delegate the like in the ecological pool


After the 7th proposal passed, there was not enough change in the delegation rate, so to continue to improve the delegation rate, I proposed to delegate like from the Migration Pool (cold) + Team Pool + Ecosystem Pool to the ecology.


Expected results

  1. The security of the LikeCoin chain will be greatly improved.
  2. The reward to validators will be increased, balancing the effect of increased number of validators.
  3. Bring an increase in DAU & MAU, and also add more active addresses.

Attach correction

Change the 7th Proposal Content Fingerprint to QmXhuVSwXNEpeuFivPNi7xmFihGD7hFKpZmaM7gvkMJMP6 which could be visited by any IPFS node.