New Year's Eve - Sylwester w Nowym Jorku (2011) *BDRip* *AC3* [Filmy zagraniczne *HQ*]

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 Polski opis

Produkcja: USA
Gatunek: Komedia rom.
Reżyseria: Garry Marshall
Scenariusz: Katherine Fugate
Zdjęcia: Charles Minsky
Muzyka: John Debney
Ocena na 5.2/10 (głosów: 13,331)
Ocena na 6.3/10 (głosów: 3,890)
Ograniczenia wiekowe: PG-13
Nowy Jork. Sylwester. Wiele postaci, różne momenty życia, różne etapy związków - jedni przeżywają pierwsze randki, inni są w długich związkach, a jeszcze innych trapi samotność. W tym ostatnim dniu roku, historie tych ludzi przeplatają się.

 English description

Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Directed by: Garry Marshall
Writing credits: Katherine Fugate
Director of photography: Charles Minsky
Music by: John Debney user rating: 5.2/10 (votes: 13,331) user rating: 6.3/10 (votes: 3,890)
Certification: PG-13
Plot Summary:
Set during New Year's Eve in New York city, this movie follows several people and how the day affects them. Kim is a single mother who still thinks of her daughter, Hailey as a child who wants to go out with a boy so that she could kiss him at midnight. Claire, who is in charge of the city's annual tradition, the ball drop on Times Square. And when something goes wrong she has to ask an electrician, who was fired, to come and fix it. Laura, a chef who is cooking the New year's Eve party for a record company who runs into Jensen, her ex who's a singer whose performing at the party. While he tries to apologize for how things ended, she refuses to accept it. Ingrid, a woman who works at the record company, after having a near death experience decides to quit her job and asks a young messenger, Paul to help her fulfill her resolutions. And at a hospital, Stan, a man who is in the final stages of cancer...
Michelle Pfeiffer ... Ingrid
Zac Efron ... Paul
Charlotte Marshall-Fricker ... Caring Teenage Girl
Fiona Choi ... Balinese Woman
Mary Marguerite Keane ... Pet Adoption Clerk
Michael Mandell ... Murray
Patrick Reale ... Times Square Cop
Robert De Niro ... Stan Harris
Halle Berry ... Nurse Aimee
Cary Elwes ... Stan's Doctor
Alyssa Milano ... Nurse Mindy
Codec: XviD
Resolution: 624x352 (1.77:1)
Bitrate: CD1: 1213 kb/s | CD2: 1235 kb/s
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps

Codec: AC3
Bitrate: 448 kb/s (5.1 chnls) CBR
Frequency Sample: 48000Hz

Runtime: ~118 mins