Another Happy Day - Kolejny szczęśliwy dzień (2011) [Filmy zagraniczne *HQ*]

2012-02-13 08:10:51


 Polski opis

Produkcja: USA
Gatunek: Dramat, Psychologiczny
Reżyseria: Sam Levinson
Scenariusz: Sam Levinson
Zdjęcia: Ivan Strasburg
Muzyka: Olafur Arnalds
Ocena na 5.0/10 (głosów: 536)
Ocena na 6.6/10 (głosów: 206)
Ograniczenia wiekowe: R
Pewne, nieco lekkomyślne, rodzeństwo zostaje zmuszone do uczestniczenia w przygotowaniach do wesela.

 English description

Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Sam Levinson
Writing credits: Sam Levinson
Director of photography: Ivan Strasburg
Music by: Olafur Arnalds user rating: 5.0/10 (votes: 536) user rating: 6.6/10 (votes: 206)
Certification: R
Plot Summary:
A family weekend is fraught with emotional landmines for mercurial and sensitive Lynn (Barkin) as she arrives at her parents' Annapolis estate for the marriage of her estranged eldest son Dylan (Michael Nardelli), accompanied by her three younger children (Ezra Miller, Kate Bosworth, Daniel Yelsky). Lynn's hopes for a joyful reunion are crushed as her wry but troubled middle son Elliot (Ezra Miller) lobs verbal grenades at his mother and her relatives while daughter Alice (Kate Bosworth), a fights valiantly to keep her longtime demons under control. The weekend quickly unravels as Lynn demands to be heard by her aloof, disdainful mother (Ellen Burstyn), ailing, distant father (George Kennedy) and ever-judgmental sisters (Siobhan Fallon, Diana Scarwid), but most especially by her ex-husband Paul (Thomas Hayden Church) and his hot-tempered second wife Patty (Demi Moore). Confronted with the deeply painful...
Ellen Barkin ... Lynn
Ezra Miller ... Elliot
Ellen Burstyn ... Doris
Demi Moore ... Patty
Thomas Haden Church ... Paul
Kate Bosworth ... Alice
George Kennedy ... Joe
Jeffrey DeMunn ... Lee
Michael Nardelli ... Dylan
Daniel Yelsky ... Ben
Siobhan Fallon ... Bonnie
Codec: XviD
Resolution: 608x256 (2.38:1)
Bitrate: 714 kb/s
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps

Codec: MPEG-1, Layer 3 (MP3)
Bitrate: ~128 kb/s (2 chnls) VBR
Frequency Sample: 48000Hz

Runtime: ~118 mins