Tracker (2010) *WS* [Filmy zagraniczne *HQ*]

2011-10-10 10:59:28


 Polski opis

Produkcja: Nowa Zelandia, Wielka Brytania
Gatunek: Dramat, Przygodowy, Thriller
Reżyseria: Ian Sharp
Scenariusz: Nicolas van Pallandt
Zdjęcia: Harvey Harrison
Muzyka: David Burns
Ocena na 6.3/10 (głosów: 867)
Ocena na 6.2/10 (głosów: 72)
Ograniczenia wiekowe: R
Głównym bohaterem filmu jest partyzant, weteran walk z Imperium Brytyjskim o republiki Transwalu i Oranii, który otrzymuje zadanie schwytania członka plemienia Maorysów, oskarżanego o zamordowanie brytyjskiego żołnierza.

 English description

Country: New Zealand, UK
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Directed by: Ian Sharp
Writing credits: Nicolas van Pallandt
Director of photography: Harvey Harrison
Music by: David Burns user rating: 6.3/10 (votes: 867) user rating: 6.2/10 (votes: 72)
Certification: R
Plot Summary:
A pair of adversaries develop a wary respect in this period drama from director Ian Sharp. In 1902, Kereama (Temeura Morrison), a Maori sailor, is wrongfully accused of murdering a British soldier, and a significant bounty is offered for his capture. Arjan (Ray Winstone), an expert tracker and a veteran of the Boer War, arrives in New Zealand in hopes of capturing Kereama and collecting the reward. Arjan is of Dutch ancestry and fought against the British, so there's no love lost between him and the British military men who join him in the search. But while Arjan is very good at finding people, he discovers Kereama is just as good at slipping from his grasp; after Arjan captures the Maori, he escapes, a process that repeats itself several times. The better the two men get to know one another, the more they realize they have a great deal in common, including humiliating defeat at the hands of the British, and Arjan begins to wonder if Kereama's fierce claims of innocence might be true after all. Tracker was an official selection at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.
Ray Winstone ... Arjan van Diemen
Temuera Morrison ... Kereama
Gareth Reeves ... Maj. Pritchard Carlysle
Mark Mitchinson ... Saunders
Daniel Musgrove ... Pvt. Rennick
Andy Anderson ... Bryce
Mick Rose ... Sgt. Leyborne
Jodie Hillock ... Lucy
Tim McLachlan ... Levin
Stephen Papps ... Police Officer
Steve Reinsfield ... Drake
Codec: XviD
Resolution: 624x256 (2.44:1) [=39:16]
Bitrate: 829 kb/s
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps

Codec: 0x0055(MP3) ID'd as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Bitrate: 121 kb/s (60/ch, stereo) VBR
Frequency Sample: 48000 Hz

Runtime: 01:42:04 (146,828 fr)