Prince (2010) [Kino azjatyckie]

2011-08-29 16:14:24

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Produkcja: Indie
Gatunek: Akcja
Reżyseria: Kookie V. Gulati
Scenariusz: Shiraz Ahmed, Mayur Puri, Sameer
Zdjęcia: Vishnu Rao
Muzyka: Sachin Gupta, Sandeep Shirodkar
Ocena na 4.2/10 (głosów: 558)
Ocena na 5.0/10 (głosów: 49)
Ograniczenia wiekowe: R
Jeden z najbardziej łebskich złodziejów na świecie popełnia największy skok swego życia. Budzi się następnego ranka i zdaje sprawę, że ma ranę postrzałową na swoim ramieniu i nie ma pojęcia skąd ona się wzięła. Dążąc do znalezienia odpowiedzi odkrywa, że nazywa się Prince i pracuje dla człowieka nazywanego Sarang.

 English description

Country: India
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Directed by: Kookie V. Gulati
Writing credits: Shiraz Ahmed, Mayur Puri, Sameer
Director of photography: Vishnu Rao
Music by: Sachin Gupta, Sandeep Shirodkar user rating: 4.2/10 (votes: 558) user rating: 5.0/10 (votes: 49)
Certification: R
Plot Summary:
After stealing diamonds worth Crores of Rupees from the Diamond Corporation of India; Paris, and Jakarta, Prince wakes up in his South African mansion unable to recollect who he is. His employee, P.K., brings him up to date as to his identity, as well as his place of employment, Wolf International, and his girlfriend, Maya. Hoping to regain his memory after he returns to work and then subsequently in his apartment in Durban but is prevented after he finds both places surrounded by police. He goes to meet Maya at a bar and she brings him up to date with what had happened before he lost his memory. Before he could even adjust to what she told him, she phones him and asks him to meet her at the docks. He does so, and to his surprise and shock finds that the woman is not Maya but another claiming to be the real Maya. He does not know but more surprises are in store for him after he finds out that he is required to return an antique coin that was stolen by him before he lost his memory. And the people who need it are Colonel Khanna; gangsters named Sherry and Sarang Sangvi; as well as CBI Officer Ali Khan.
Vivek Oberoi ... Prince
Isaiah ... Sarang Sanghvi
Aruna Shields ... Maya
Neeru Bajwa ... Maya / Priya
Nandana Sen ... Maya / Serena
Sanjay Kapoor ... CBI Officer Ali Khan
Dalip Tahil ... Colonel Khanna
Manish Anand ... Mike
Mayur Puri ... P.K.
Rajesh Khattar ... Sherry
Amit Behl ... Bartender
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Frame Rate: 23.976 fps

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Bitrate: 125 kb/s (62/ch, stereo) VBR
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