Volker Greve & Krzysztof Popek Quintet - Places (1993) (FLAC) [Lossless]

2011-04-26 19:43:51

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Gatunek :   Jazz 
Rok Wydania :   1993 
Jakość :   FLAC  
Okładki :   Tak 
Ripper :   SurowyTato 

Rewelacyjny efekt połączenia trzech pastelowych instrumentów (wibrafon, fluegelhorn, flet altowy) pozwala na uzyskanie ciemnej barwy. Szczerość i piękno to główna oferta tego quintetu.

Źródło: Jazz Forum

 English description

Genre :   Jazz 
Year :   1993 
Quality :   FLAC  
Covers :   Yes 
Ripper :   SurowyTato 

Three Poles, one German and one American make together a team of unusual sonoristic values. Popek, leader of his two other well-known groups (Young Power and Pick Up) plays alto flute here. Its sound blends marvellously with vibes and fluegelhorn. Greve and Wojtasik are far more than virtuosi. Extremely sensitive musicians, they all create dark-colored fabulous fabric. The youngest in this remarkable quintet, drummer Cezary Konrad is a fast rising star. American bassist Paul Imm, who cooperates with Steve Lacy and Tom Harrell, joins them in creating something really unique. "Sincerity and beauty are this quintet's main offer"

Source: Jazz Forum

1. Rain Waltz [6:21]
2. Minor Mood [7:57]
3. Fatman Dance [5:12]
4. Dat Mistige Rodie Beest [5:14]
5. Blues For Paul [6:13]
6. In Search Of A Quiet Place [7:31]
7. The Peacocks [4:55]