This version of Macaulay's History of England is derived from the Project Gutenberg version: I read through it and corrected obvious errors that I noticed, mostly scanning errors, by comparing them with a printed copy of the book (a copy dating from before 1900, so there are no copyright worries). The edition I had seems to be slightly later than the edition that the Gutenberg scan was made from; accordingly, a couple of places in the text are updated, and a few footnotes added. But as with the scanning errors, I corrected these only where I happened to notice them, almost by accident; I was rereading the book primarily for pleasure, not out of any sense of duty. So the result is probably mostly the older version, with a few places updated.

In the original book, the footnotes were at the bottom of the pages. In the Project Gutenberg edition, they were all moved to the end of the file. This version puts them in a separate file, with hyperlinks to that file; the footnotes are displayed either in a frame to the right of the main text, or in another window, depending on which entry point the user selects (or on how he uses his browser). Clicking on a footnote link in the main window moves the selected footnote to the top of the footnote window.