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(and Core)

Truly decentralized, lightweight, modular and funny operating system.

Meow! You can install Floflis on your current Linux, easily! Floflis is a OS that runs on your OS! (and can also be installed as a native OS).


All Linux OSes claims themselves as free/libre; but they puts you in risk when downloading updates (for OS and its softwares) from centralized servers.

Do you like decentralization? No purpose if your OS isn't yet decentralized.

Floflis is decentralized, with updates from P2P network (Dat protocol), storing data in a blockchain-like (append-only logs) datastore.

Even initially relying on GitHub (owned by Microsoft - while GitLab is requesting login when updating), git is more secure than traditional OS updates.

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Can you install Windows 7 on your Windows 98 machine, or on your WiFi router? Heh, not even MS-DOS you can install on your router.

You have rights on your device and its OS, and as it is yours, you should have the right to move, transform, shrink or grow it.

Floflis haves various layers, beginning in Recipes layer.

There are also other layers, but they're graphical: Substratum, Base, Home and Ultimate.

CLI software from these layers can also be installed on DNA/Core.

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Lightweight, fast, smooth

When installing itself, Floflis DNA asks which modules you want to include. Also, you can remove later any module you won't need.

Download should be fast on slow Internet connections (from 700KB to 2KB), and writable on CDs and even floppy disks.

Easily install Floflis on your router, Raspberry Pi, etc. Just type "floflis", and it will guide you; running fastly and smoothly, being personalizable/upgradeable.

Don't like bloatware OS on your router and others? Instead of installing Floflis as a bash program, you can install it as a OS.

Fully adjustable

Already pointed how Floflis is modular and lightweight.

But more personalization is to be implemented, such as CLI themes.

It's yours

Decentralized identity (comming soon)

Have accounts on multiple decentralized registries, linked into one decentralized account (omni-link).

Add friends and exchange files/Internet routing.

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Hack, improve it

As it uses BASH script, its easy not only to modify your own Floflis; you can contribute to the whole Floflis' ecosystem.

Your contributions can be approved and appear as updates.

Explore Floflis at GitLab or GitHub (decentralized git service is comming).

Do you love Floflis?

Floflis loves people. People loves Floflis. Everyone helps and loves each other.

We're accepting donations in Ethereum. Other cryptocurrencies will be accepted soon. Donations will be traceable on blockchain, and our use of donations will be tracked for your scrutiny.

Ethereum address: 0x1a4E55f9f57D53Fbd9598CD8EEACF2Af4E91F420.

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Your voice matters

Found bugs or wants to suggest a thing? Or to discuss anything?

Open a issue on GitLab or GitHub.

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