PEAKDEFI Reward System

PEAKDEFI Reward System

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PEAK Reward PoolUSD Pool ValueDeadlineReward Amount
250,000,000$575,00031/03/20240 PEAK / $0

PEAKDEFI smart contracts are audited and secured by QuantStamp, Hacken and Blaize

DeFi Fund and Staking V1

PEAK burned on ETH


PEAK burned on BSC

3 ways to maximize your gains and take control of it!

3 ways to maximize your gains and take control of it!

The desire of every investor is pretty simple: Maximum return! The PEAKDEFI ecosystem gives you the opportunity to create a portfolio, generate rewards and take control of it.

LAUNCHPAD to 10x your portfolio!

PEAKDEFI Launchpad is a multichain, easy to use and fully audited platform which gives you early access to the hottest crypto projects through an attractive and fair tier system and for the lowest listing price.

DeFi Wallet at your fingertips!

The most efficient multichain DeFi wallet for iOS and Android, with direct access to your NFT collection, a fast dapp browser, integrated DEX and staking in one mobile app.

Decentralized Fund managed by experts!

The Global Fund at PEAKDEFI redistributes itself automatically among the best performers through smart contracts for maximum success. It's governed by the community of users in a decentralized way to benefit all!


PEAKDEFI is a self-funded project that provides DeFi for the community. It started in 2020 and has since established itself as an ecosystem with various web3 products and different utilities for the PEAK token.

February 2020

Creation of the PEAKDEFI [PEAK] token on the Ethereum blockchain and listing on three exchanges.

March 2021

PEAKDEFI enters Binance Smart Chain and provides liquidity on pancakeswap. PEAK staking also available on BSC.

June 2021

Launch of a decentralized NFT fund.

August 2021

Start of Liquidity Mining.

December 2021

PEAKDEFI Governance launched

April 2022

PEAKDEFI launchpad is born!

A decentralized multichain launchpad, starting on Binance Smart Chain.

October 2022

Launchpad integrations of BNB, Polygon, Avalanche,

Q1 2023

Building more partnerships with VCs.

Updating Documentation with Tutorials

Q2 to Q4

Launched several projects on the platform

February 2024

Start of PEAKDEFI V3 Staking

March 2024

Start of PEAKDEFI Promotion protocol

Until Q4 2024

Integrating more Projects, Partnerships and Blockchains

PEAK Token

PEAK is the utility token of the PEAKDEFI ecosystem with actual six applications and burning features.

Peak Token

Benefits of PEAK

The PEAK token is running on the BNB-Chain and Ethereum network. You can use the token within the ecosystem to get a higher allocation at the launchpad, more commissions as an affiliate, trading opportunities as a fund manager, more staking rewards, more protection on deposits and more voting rights on governance.

$2B +

All Time Volume

30K +

Token Holders

1.8M +


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