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The Registry was presented on www.Memory.is from February 25- March 3 2022 with an original essay, Twinning: Production Notes on The Registry [PDF]. The film was adapted from a multi-channel installation originally commissioned by Sheffield DocFest in 2021. Download the press kit and stream the score by composer Ben Babbitt.

Alex Tyson (1985) is an independent filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles. His work has screened at international festivals and art house cinemas, including Film at Lincoln Center (Art of The Real, 2018), The Museum of Modern Art (Doc Fortnight, 2016), and Visions du Réel (2015). He has worked as a cinematographer internationally, including the US, Brazil, China, The South Pacific, Europe, and Central Africa. He has contributed to Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning documentaries distributed by HBO, National Geographic, Discovery, and Netflix.

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Filmography as Director

2023  cataboum, 2 min. From a text by gin hart
2021  The Registry, fiction. Short film / two-channel installation. 30 min. and 149 min., looping
2018  Divieto 2, documentary. 12 min.
2015  Mountain Fire Personnel, documentary. 30 min.
2015  3 Minutes in America, fiction, 5 min.
2014  Winds of the Mediterranean, documentary. 6 min.
2013  0591-0691, 4 min.
2011  Baroque Suite, (co-directed with Troy Herion), 15 min.
2010  Movements for Plants and Camera, single-channel looping installation
2009  Charles Cohen at the Buchla Music Easel, 5 min.
2003  Serene Librarian, fiction. 10 min.

Selected Credits

2022  Scripps Howard Journalism Awards, Newsy. Lead Editor.
2021  John Akomfrah: Conversations with Noise, PBS | Art21. Editor.
2021  Yes, Repeat, No, editor. Dir. Michael Dahan
2020  Material Zoom, UN Resource Panel. Writer, editor, co-director with Dr. Saleem Ali
2020  For Madmen Only, cinematography. Dir. Heather Ross
2019  The Truth Has Changed. Dir. of Photography, Editor. Dir. Josh Fox
2018  The Story of Plastic. Cinematography. Dir. Deia Schlosberg
2018  Jack's Signs - One Man's War on ICE. Director of Photography. Dir. Tom Carroll
2017  LA92, National Geographic. Special Photography. Dir. Daniel Lindsay & TJ Martin
2017  Standardized Patient (two-channel video), SFMOMA. Editor. Dir. Kerry Tribe
2017  Michele Lamy: Process, MOCA. Director, Cinematographer, Editor
2017  Composite, Editor. Dir. Toby Lee
2016  Mickalene Thomas: Do I Look Like a Lady? MOCA. Director, Cinematographer, Editor
2016  R.H. Quaytman, Morning: Chapter 30, MOCA. Director, Cinematographer, Editor
2016  How to Let go of the World, HBO. Cinematography, Archival. Dir. Josh Fox
2016  The White Cross, Tom Explores Los Angeles. Co-writer, Editor. Dir. Tom Carroll
2016  Don't Look Back, exhibition spot, PBS | MOCA. Cinematographer, Editor
2015  Prelude (7 channel installation), Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955–1980
          MoMA. Editor, Post Supervisor. Dir. Joey Forsyte
2014  The Mirage, SBM. Cinematographer, Editor. Dir. Kyle Roper
2014  Abetura/Opening, Sao Paulo MoMA. Cinematographer, Editor. Dir. Vivian Caccuri
2013  Gasland Part II, HBO Films. Camera Operator, Assistant Editor. Dir. Josh Fox
2013  Calder’s Circus, The Whitney Museum. Editor. Dir. El Tigre Productions
2011  Gasland, HBO Films. Graphics, Aerial Cinematographer, Add'l. Editor. Dir. Josh Fox
2011  Minecraft: The story of Mojang. Cinematography. Dir. 2 Player Productions

2021––• Supply Chain (in production)


Divieto 2 (Forbidden 2): A volcano is where Earth delivers up its messages. Tectonic movements, harmless vapors, toxic acids, scalding minerals and the possibility of new geography. Basalt becomes infrastructure, architecture or souvenirs. Divieto 2 (2018) follows a team of INGV volcanologists to their data centers near the peak of Mount Etna (Sicily, IT), but pays equal attention to the miners and shopkeepers working on its slopes. The result is an expanding tableau of the mountain's erratic economies. A volcano is thus a source of imagery; a cache that mirrors every eruption.

Mountain Fire Personnel (2015) is an experimental documentary that explores a wild fire across 27,000 acres in Southern California. Using over 30 sources of amateur footage, internet media and professional camerawork, the film surveys the response by firefighters and California State Prisoners. The film premiered at Visions du Réel, winning the award for best experimental short film. Available on DocAlliance Films, YouTube and previously, vdrome.

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