Roll the Dice

Win Some ETH

a fully decentralized gambling site


How it works

[0] Send ETH to the smart contract

[1] Contract decides if you win/lose

[2] Winners get more ETH

[3] Losers get 0 ETH


60% Win Rate

Maximum amount per play: 5% of the contract balance

Unlimited Plays

What's the catch?

Mini Rewards

Win rate is high so rewards are kept to a minimum

Play small but play often

Still not sure? Try it on Testnet


100% Dapp

The goal is to build a fully decentralized application

All computation is done on the Ethereum blockchain

Website is hosted on IPFS, a distributed file system

The result is an immutable app that cannot be shut down


Ethereum IPFSCoinbase Wallet

msg.sender.transfer(1 wei)