c o E s i o n

Compose & Cohere IP & Web3 Solutions


coEsion is versed in the telecommunications industry with twenty plus years providing network engineering, design and consulting in Europe, Africa and North America. Clients include multinationals BT, AT&T, Cable & Wireless, Virgin Media and Lumen in the internet service provider arena, Royal Dutch Shell and Harris CapRock in the oil and gas industry, PBS and Arqiva in broadcasting, SWIFT in the financial sector and Cisco Systems in a greenfield 5G deployment over AWS cloud services for Dish across the USA. coEsion is leveraging experience to explore the nascent and emerging technologies of cryptocurrency and blockchain, especially the web3, NFT and metaverse spaces. The internet continues to evolve and web3 is it's latest iteration born from earlier dotcom foundations of scrolling internet data via dial-up modem, followed by streaming real-time video culminating in the explosion of social media platforms in the advent of broadband which timestamped the arrival of web2 and presently cryptocurrencies and blockchains with the growing 4G/5G wireless telecommunications market. coEsion offers web3 services to non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses and individuals to send and receive cryptocurrencies externally and securely with hi-tech from market leaders and industry innovators. Web3 domains which double as websites and external crypto wallets, NFT collectibles and land acquisition in the metaverse complete our service offerings which are available for purchase on Opensea and TofuNFT marketplaces.


Web3 Domains

ERC721 NFTs of web3 domains are available for purchase on layer 1 blockchains like Ethereum, smart layer 2s like Metis and hybrid L1/L2 chains like Meter https://tofunft.com/user/0x535926b17b9df2CD132E1Ff123CB49DbF6FF1834/on-sale/fixed-price https://tofunft.com/user/0xe91a93CDea20fb16594A6dE44741f618323F0ac0/on-sale/fixed-price https://opensea.io/coEsion https://opensea.io/coEsion1


Metis BAYC, Metis Punks, an assortment of collectible NFTs and more are available for purchase https://tofunft.com/nft/metis/0xB6C13bB8f4f83a3bA87c9b20066bCf98a9319444/3435 https://tofunft.com/nft/metis/0xC03085ba7E3C2A6c054A738Dcfc16E8390a2c26b/8172

MetisEarth Metaverse

Welcome to MetisEarth. MetisEarth is a second earth; a metaverse, existing on Metis Andromeda, in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user generated virtual environments. These environments can be owned, bought, sold, and in the future, customized. A virtual 1:1 scale version of Earth is inevitable and MetisEarth is the beginning of this exciting future. Phase 1 is soon live. On display is the FIFA 2022 World Cup football grand stadiums in Qatar and all coveted landmarks are available for purchase Promo video of Metis Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIC9G9ctJj8&feature=share https://tofunft.com/user/0x3537e2C8e4dB8376DFCDEBb77586069362E665cD/on-sale/fixed-price https://tofunft.com/nft/metis/0x0352101daba6830a6825D03Bd7Bb996aB80C6C46/7543011491


  • Interaction with the Ethereum virtual machine, ERC20 tokens and EVM compatible blockchains
  • Dabbling with competing L1 blockchains as examples BNB smart chain, Avalanche, Fantom and more
  • Bridging and exploring with one of the most scalable, fastest, secure and smart L2 ETH scaling solutions in Metis Andromeda and a standard L2 in Polygon
  • Experimenting with the testnet and mainnet of the hybrid L1/L2 chain in Meter and it's corresponding MTR stablecoin
  • Exploring market leading web3 external and secure hardware wallets and software applications and dApps