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Confessions of a Cryptomaniac

A Book About Second Chances

When her world turns upside down Aoife Brennan, Irishwoman, mother, marketeer and about to become bitcoin advocate, has to readjust, and learn to live again. How does this vibrant and sassy woman get on her feet again, date again, learn to love again? This is a roller coaster ride, funny in parts, poignant in parts, laugh out loud, cry maybe too. This is very Irish, very wonderful and full of hope. Her observations on life are sharp, her acute view of herself is painful in parts and also kind in parts and above all she is very human. And then there is bitcoin and blockchain ....The first novel in a trilogy that looks at being human and being blockchain in equal measure. And while it may be erotica it is more - it is as Irish as Jane Austin is English in its understanding of manners in Ireland. And then there is the sex. Oh and bitcoin.

About the Author

Jill Concentrating

Jillian is an award winning journalist, broadcaster and author. She fought the law in 2014 and she won.