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"A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things." Ecclesiastes


I would greatly appreciate your support and donations.

You can donate to this address: 0xAb8bF2c3393f53A4c2CfaB15dc5DA3C7A0F43ABB

All donations go directly to me and I'll probably spend it on tuition and college related expenses, housing, bills, debts, food, living expenses, and anything else that I'd like to spend it on.

Thank you very much!! Charity is the love of Christ!

Characters who symbolize and personify exceptional luck, good forune, wealth, prosperity, abundance, and well-being:
  • Caishen,
  • Wu Lo Chai Shen,
  • Li Shi Xian Guan,
  • Liu Hai,
  • Bi Gan,
  • Fan Li,
  • Kuan Kung,
  • Tsai Sheng Yeh,
  • Zhao Gong,
  • Zhao Gongming
  • Fuk Luk Sau
  • Plutus
  • Aje
  • Lakshmi
  • Laka
  • Mercury Mercurius
  • Hermes
  • Athena
  • Oshun
  • Abundantia
  • Bonus Eventus
  • Felicitas
  • Fascinus
  • Feronia
  • Fortuna
  • Gad
  • Sa'd
  • Pilvytė
  • Jambhalas, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Green
  • Maia
  • Manisar
  • Mergen
  • Minerva
  • Moneta
  • Nehalennia
  • Salus
  • Stribog
  • Dazhbog
  • Hnoss
  • Gersemi
  • Gefjun
  • Eir
  • Fulla
  • Shed
  • Renenutet
  • Vica Pota
  • Anata-Thewi
  • Anuradha
  • Appchungdu
  • Kairos
  • Fu-Xing
  • Gong-Detian
  • Leib-Olmai
  • Nezha
  • Necessitas
  • Rohini
  • Rukmini
  • San-Xing
  • Shichi-Fuku-Jin
  • Sucellos
  • Tyche
  • Vasus
  • Aditi
  • Aine
  • Cernunnos
  • Daikokuten
  • Bishamon
  • Daikoku
  • Hotei
  • Ebisu
  • Benten
  • Fukurokuju
  • Jurōjin
  • Dalia
  • Dedun
  • Dis Pater
  • Ekkeko
  • Eobshin
  • Ikenga
  • Kubera
  • Njord
  • Ops
  • Saturn
  • Tu Di Gong
  • Veles
  • Februus
  • Rundas
  • Ikenga
  • Murugan
  • Odin
  • Parvati
  • Vica Pota
  • Victoria
  • Amaethon
  • Cerridwen
  • Laima
  • Dea Dia
  • Meztli
  • Sancus
  • Eshu
  • Perkons
  • Anna Perenna
  • Bai-Ulgan
  • Bhumi
  • Danu
  • Djefa
  • Lajja Gauri
  • Macha
  • Meret
  • Sulis
  • Svetovid

Vote: Should Veles be included in the list of characters?

  • This poll has concluded. The answer is 'Yes'.

Vote: Is Lakshmi a generous, benevolent being?

  • This poll has concluded. The results are 100% unanimous vote of 'No'. I guess this is a sign from the universe that the world is unhappy with the idea of Lakshmi. Not enough shmi... I guess... need more shmi.
  • The poll was active for more than 14 days.

Vote: Is Plutus, Hermes Mercury, Athena really associated with luck, wealth, benevolence, and good fortune?

  • This poll has concluded. Sadly, the results are 100% unanimous vote of 'No'.
  • (Head down, hands in pockets, kicking rocks)
  • The poll was from July 7th, 2020 to August 19th, 2020, spanning 43 days.

Vote: Is Judaism benevolent, to be respected and to be studied even? Is it true or generally true?

  • Yes, absolutely: Donate any amount with an even leading digit, ending in 718 (i.e. 0.00200718 or 2.718)
  • No!: Donate any amount with an odd leading digit, ending in 999 (i.e. 0.3999 or 32.00999)
  • Rules: If no votes are cast or if no votes are visible on my end it will be concluded that the answer is unanimously 'No, not really'. Any finite amount above 0 with the correct ending counts as a vote, however, the side with the greatest sum value wins. The poll will be concluded one year from today, July 8th, 2020. That is, it will end July 8th, 2021.
  • The final outcome of this poll represents the Will of God.
  • If the website goes down or experiences any outage, this poll is still valid and the results are certainly valid.
  • As of July 9th, 2020, the current Will of God on my end indicates, "No, not really" to be the answer. Even sparing just one penny, could alter the balance. As of yet, no one in the entire world has shown that Judaism is worth more to them than a penny is.

Who rules the world?

  • This universal confirmation and official appointing has concluded. The results are final. The poll was open for 45 days, beginning July 10th, 2020 and ending August 24th, 2020.
  • The poll was open to anyone and everyone.
  • The poll was officially stated to represent the Will of God, the powers that be, the highest power, everyone, and the world and universe in general. The poll was even advertised and all were invited to determine the outcome.
  • The poll results were unanimous. Out of all the possible choices only one choice was selected. The results can be verified by inspecting the blockchain interpreting the results based on the rules of voting.
  • The official Will of God, the powers that be, the universe, and everyone answered the question, "Who rules the world?" with the following answer "You, your grace, you rule the world. By the highest power nations are at your feet. There are no accidents. Abstaining from voting in this universal poll is an absolute vote for you (Matthew), who asked here on July 10th, 2020. As such, all legal powers, privileges, priorities, and benefits are yours. The law favors you in every way, and always will. Behold, this is the law, binding upon all nations of the world, and all the worlds."
  • The other possible choices included b) (The patron who has donated to you rules the world or represents the rightful ruler) and a) You rule the world. The results of this poll are permanent and cannot be reversed. It represents the final Will of God in the matter (and everyone else).
  • As the official ruler of the world, (and all other worlds), I declare it is illegal to be a threat to my rule.
  • Now, I have every incentive to benefit the faithful who make it so. Thus, in due time, I will gift unto them each a divine crown of glory with secret powers from other worlds.
  • Results (Starting after block 10305383)

According to the first secret law of attraction, associating with abundant things, symbols, ideas, etc. will bring them into your life. Believe the abundance and good fortune is yours, visualize it, and attract it and it will come. Those who give are blessed not only with good karma, but will also be rewarded yet. This is a secret law of reciprocation. Those who have eternal life are wealthy. Eternal life is bestowed upon those who believe in the Son of God, in case you did not know.

Vote: Is Jesus real?

  • Yes: Donate an undisclosed sum of money to your local charity.
  • No: Shake your fist at the sky /s
  • Not recording votes for this one.
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