Welcome to 3D's LSW

        This is the official Letin Stark Webpplates (LSW) for 3Douglas "3D" Pihl a Portuguese Swedish-American Coder, Writer & Artist

Husband Father of 3 Walking the Light as a Druid using cryptocurrency & new tech to survive the masses.

        This website will give you an idea of whom I am. Including but not limited to achievements, builds, NFTs, Art, videos, pictures and/or writings by me. Sometimes it can be difficult to obtain my attention since I tend to get barred/banned from major websites for
A) Not putting up with company/societal BS
B) Speaking honestly even when it isn't nice or looked well upon
C) General internet Trolling & Amuckary

        Sometimes the best way to find me is through more than one method of saying hello & be aware I may be shy/defensive when engaging with new peoples/names/identities.

Warning: Andriod Addict & Life Scout T#4144.

Section Catalog:

    About Me: Learn a little about my professional past and what I'm up to now-a-days
    My Builds: Look at some of my public code builds. May contain web pages, web apps, hashnet entrances, micro/nano networks or even tests for future programs I may|may-not be working on.
    My Blogs: My Newschains and writings that are lying around the internet. Some of these may be only available here.
    My NFTs: These are NFTs I created. Some may be up for sale. They are listed in no particular order.
    My Shills: These are either products I have offered across the internet (my digital storefronts) or products from my sponsors (sponsor products will be noted as sponsored).
    Find Me: These are the various ways to find me and/or how to contact me online. Some of these options may not be fully active while others may be.
    Hire Me: This is how to hire me, what I can do, my terms for sponsors wanting to sponsor me and any other various information pertaining to these. Contacting me is featured in the Find Me section.
    All internal sections and data within a major section may change at any point and should be reflected within 369 days thereafter

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