TipsyVerse is the next billion-dollar metaverse play

TipsyVerse is the next billion-dollar metaverse play

Picture over-the-top hotels, neon signs and zooming cars. There is a buzz everywhere as thousands of individuals try their hands in various activities: flying across the vast open world, racing with other players, and completing time-sensitive quests. You look around and you see sparkling showgirl extravaganzas, mystifying magicians, gondola rides on Venice-style canals, light shows, dancing fountains, roller coaster and amusement rides, and amazing animal habitats. Guess where you are.

If you said Las Vegas, you would be both right and wrong. This is TipsyVerse, an online multiplayer Metaverse game. TipsyVerse is one of a new generation of virtual worlds, popularly referred to as "Metaverse", built on the blockchain. 

Virtual spaces, where users share and interact in 3D via digital avatars, are gaining broader acceptance since the pandemic. TipsyVerse will be powered by its native token, TipsyCoin ($tipsy). This in-game currency will be launched in the first quarter of 2022 while the game itself will have its alpha release later in 2023.

There are activities, and there are celebrities

Afraid of heights but have always wanted to freefall? Spawn into this alternate universe of infinite possibilities and see real-world phobias fade away. Skydive fast and furious, race at 500 miles per hour, or keep buckled in a hair-raising rollercoaster ride. An adrenaline-pumping paradise for the wild streak in you, TipsyVerse boasts every kind of activity you can imagine and with more variants. It is as diverse as immersing yourself in a final-fantasy city featuring dragons and unicorns or traversing the history of the Giza pyramids.

Are you a discotheque enthusiast? Then the destination for you is M.A.D Club, the crown jewel of TipsyVerse where you might dance with Snoop Dogg. Revel in a fully immersive nightclub experience incorporating design, technology and cutting-edge sound, and soak in an electrifying atmosphere powered by the beats of DJ Skrillex and David Guetta. Look forward to performances by the biggest names in Hollywood. With elite entertainment from Akon and Justin Bieber, you can be assured of exclusive concerts and club invites. An unparalleled listening experience is defined by the highest standards of audio quality and so TipsyVerse’s offering can only be measured in standing ovations. After all, the goal is beyond Virtual Reality integration - the project is already conceptualizing a bodysuit prototype.

Life in TipsyVerse is full of quests and surprises

Love nature? Venture outside of the city and go on hiking trails in the wilderness in search for quests. Who knows? You might even spot a Woolly Mammoth or a Dodo bird! If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you may want to explore Penguin Island. There, you can experience the phenomenal wildlife of the island and marvel in the pristine beauty of the polar scenery. Navigate through awe-inspiring waterways with giant icebergs, explore dramatic wilderness areas, and interact with seabirds, penguins and whales up-close. But be warned – you may be followed by an array of curious penguins everywhere you go!

TipsyVerse also masterfully delivers the characteristic excess that many go to the Bellagio for. But for the truly elite experience, you might want to join Uniqgloo. There, you can enjoy a private atmosphere while still being a part of the casino action – the best of both worlds. The bar in the club will also serve an exclusive selection of spirits, like luminous champagne and bespoke cocktails, that cannot be found anywhere else in TipsyVerse. And behold, these are not drinks to be consumed but exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that reside in your wallet and for you to flaunt.

If you are looking for an oasis of calm instead, you are welcome to take a hot soak at one of the many spas in TipsyVerse. Beyond slot machines and dazzling neon lights, TipsyVerse offers a comprehensive wellness experience that includes personalised spa services, guided meditation sessions, and nature walks. This is a home away from home for urbanites seeking respite from the frenetic energy of their real lives. But TipsyVerse is more than just a game. It fuses the idea of NFTs within its gaming concept. Artists can create galleries to sell their NFTs and artworks visually. Expect to see brands like Tiffy Jewelry and uPhone set up shops in TipsyVerse, selling their products as NFTs.

Why buy NFTs in TipsyVerse?

In fact, everything that you can buy in TipsyVerse – from that cute top to your apartment in the game – is an NFT. This is a delightful collision of cryptocurrency and video games, allowing players to move in-game assets into the real world for actual cash – through trading individually numbered NFTs on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. You can purchase outfits for your character, adopt pets and bid for land to construct your dream home. All of these are digital assets that are owned by you and will stay with you for a lifetime in your wallet. Each item is limited in quantity, unique, and individually identifiable. If you are lucky enough, you can purchase these NFTs when they are launched straight from TipsyCoin (the creators of TipsyVerse) - and you need to use $tipsy for this. TipsyVerse’s NFTs are of varying rarities - ranging from Common and Uncommon, to Rare, Epic and for the ultimate collector, there are the Legendary NFTs. 

TipsyVerse is truly a seamless connection between the physical and the digital. Whether it is the exciting entertainment, the stunning scenery, or the undeniable lure of NFTs, everything in TipsyVerse is absurdly bespoke, as if the team wrote a million little narrative elements that miraculously fuse together in perfect, thoughtful combinations. While the coin is expected to dominate market activity in 2022, the game will be the most exciting launch of 2023, and it may just bring us one step closer to total singularity.

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