coloring computers

non-electronic computers that work when you color them according to a simple set of rules.

an open zine showing two colored computers. in the one in the left the question 'are these two colors the same?' can be inferred (the colors are not), and in the one in the right a highlighted 'no' can be seen
photo by @librariancheryl (twitter link) in the processing community day nyc 2019 (http link)


download the ready-to-print-and-cut zine (pdf). to recreate the zine: print double-sided, cut in half, fold the pages and assemble in order

download the page-by-page zine (pdf). this one is easier to read in a browser and better if you want to extract and print individual pages in letter size

download/see a digital text transcript


here are some sample pages

cover of the zine with the text coloring computers sample page of instructions next sample page of instructions a coloring computer: several paths connected to creatures with eyes and a seven segment display


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