máquina universal bailable

danceable universal machine

un proyecto de chsnec

a project of chsnec

To the extent possible under law, se¿o has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to m.u.b.: máquina universal bailable.

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¿qué? what?

¿de qué otras formas podemos ver la computación? ¿qué pasaría si la computación fuera una fiesta, una ceremonia, una danza?

m.u.b. es un evento coreográfico donde seres humanos y no-humanos colaboran y se convierten en un nuevo organismo: una máquina universal, o computadora.

what else can computation look like? what if computation were a party, a ceremony, a dance?

m.u.b. is a choreographic event where human and non-human beings collaborate and become a new organism: a universal machine, or computer.

presentación show

presentamos el trabajo como la consagración de la computadora

we showed the work as the rite of computing

el proceso the process

colección de notas, diagramas, fotos: collection of notes, diagrams, pictures...

process in itp (en inglés in english only)

a next step from the previous photo: a dancer carries a piece of paper, the others seem to be moving close up of a person shifting shapes one dancer holds a piece of paper, another is in the floor with the shapes, a third one is approaching a photo of a person reaching to the floor, touching one of many shapes in a row, made of blocks of wood. another person looks from behind a diagram with 23 different symbols joined together by different arrows an animated gif showing a different state page in each frame: each one has a direction arrow, a symbol, and a 'formula' to transform shapes and change states photo of a group of six people in a dance room, one of them is reaching the floor to pick something up

la score (?) the score

basic instructions in english

algunas referencias some references

apoyo support

proyecto realizado como parte de la residencia de investigación (2018 - 2019) en el programa de telecomunicaciones interactivas (itp) en new york university, tisch school for the arts

project developed as part of a research residency (2018 - 2019) in the interactive telecommunications program (itp) in new york university, tisch school for the arts