Terms of Use:

By using this service, you unconditionally agree, now, and forever, to never sue the creator of this service, for any reason whatsoever. Additionally, you agree that any such litigation is AUTOMATICALLY FORFEIT.

Anything that is not included in these terms of service should be deemed to be included implicitly if and only if it is most beneficial to all parties involved.


The service contains variable fees. The current max fee is 3.25% per transfer and is billed directly to the user's Lime balance. However, discounts are applied for users who meet predetermined thresholds of activity, none requiring the user to spend Lime, or Ethereum (except gas consumption fees). There is a hard cap on fees, of which fees can never exceed a percent amount. The amount is roughly 7.25%, and is well above any planned fees. The cheapest rate is 0.16% and is granted to users that have the correct combination of thresholds reached. Things that are counted: user's rating, use of a 'social reference', and popularity in general, as made clear through the votes and references of other users on the service. Consumption may result in a fee, from 0% to 1% depending on the user's ratings. Users who are at least 5% above average in ratings pay no consumption fee. These fees are independent of the Ethereum gas consumption fee, which varies and depends on the user's input.


User's may benefit by automatically receiving commissions based on ratings and how many recommendations they receive in the form of social references. Commissions are paid from fees of transactions. No one ever pays more in transaction fees based on the references they give or get. To the contrary, a discount is applied. There is no expiration on social references, but users may choose to change them as they see fit. Since there are no charge backs, commissions are paid instantly once transactions have been processed.


Transactions are typically processed within a few minutes, depending on the gas price provided. Peak usage may require higher gas prices to be processed in a reasonable time frame. When the user enters an amount in gas, it is in Ethereum, and is the maximum total a user is willing to spend on gas (units used multiplied by price).

The creator of this service is not responsible for losses related to the blockchain, theft, vandalism, problems with ethereum, errors, viruses, acts of God, outages, etc.


Your public key and private key are never saved on the server. They are only used to process transactions. If you would prefer to have a third party manage transaction, thus never exposing your credentials, you can use any compatible service. Currently there is built in support for MetaMask, but we cannot guarantee support for later versions of the software. We cannot guarantee any transactions made through any third party providers.

Glitches, Bugs, Errors

Upon spotting any non-trivial glitches, bugs, or errors, we ask you to immediately contact support at support@limecurrency.com with all relevant details. Information provided will be used to remedy the problem.

Access to the service

Investing money in LimeCurrency is for Non-US citizens, and Accredited US investors (US citizens) only. Accredited US investors must contact support@limecurrency.com and register upon investing money in LimeCurrency, for regulatory purposes. Any user from any country agrees to pay legal fees (including forced refunds) or fines imposed by their own government resulting from their individual use of the service.

Risks of Investing

Like any other investment, investment in cryptocurrency carries risks. Many things could go wrong resulting in the loss of invested funds. Investing in LimeCurrency is no different. The underlying mechanism for storing value, is Ethereum. As the value of Ethereum goes up or down, LimeCurrency is likely to follow. The value of LimeCurrency increases upon applicable revenue generating events. A cut off the top of the revenue is used to increase the value of LimeCurrency. To raise capital, this consumption value that makes up the value of LimeCurrency may be diluted from time to time. This will decrease the consumption value. Capital raised will go towards securing future revenue as needed.

Price Data

Price data is provided by a third party and no gaurantees have been made about the accuracy.