Chung An-chi

This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhong.
Chung An-chi
Also known as Anchii
Born (1989-07-23) July 23, 1989
Origin Taiwan
Genres Japanese pop, Mandopop
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2008present
Associated acts Ice Creamusume
Website Hello! Project Japanese Official Website
Hello! Project Chinese Official Website
Chung An-chi's official blog

Chung An-Chi (Chinese: 鍾安琪; pinyin: Zhōng Anqí; Wade–Giles: Chung An-ch'i; born July 23, 1989 in Taiwan), better known in Japan as Anchii (アンチー) is the sub-leader of the latest Hello! Project group Ice Creamusume. She was announced as a winner of the Taiwan Hello! Project New Star Auditions on September 20, 2008 along with the other members of Ice Creamusume.

Hello! Project producer Tsunku announced his plans to start a Taiwanese audition in 2007 to find new talent to help the company's expansion into Asia. The winners would become a part of a new Hello! Project group. There were six winners, including Chung An-chi, and the group are set to debut in 2009 with their mini-album and at a Hello! Project concert.

As she is the second oldest member, she is automatically the sub-leader of the group.

She is a Leo.

After making it past the auditions and onto the live shows, Chung An-chi was eliminated early, but was brought back for a special episode in which Tsunku allowed his favourite losers from the auditions and live shows to re-audition for the judges. However, she was eliminated during this episode once again, and instead was sent to a "last camp" of sorts, where she, along with Qiu Cui Ling, was eventually chosen to join the group as one of Tsunku's picks.

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