Zeeland Library

Zeeuwse Bibliotheek
(Zeeland Library)
Country Netherlands
Type Public, Academic
Established 1985
Location Middelburg
Other information
Staff 180
Website http://www.zeeuwsebibliotheek.nl/

The Zeeland Library (Zeeuwse Bibliotheek), located at Kousteensedijk 7, Middelburg in the Netherlands, is the official library of the province of Zeeland and is also the official academic library of the Roosevelt Academy.[1]


The library was founded in 1985, when a number of various different libraries such as a scientific, provisional, public, as well as a number of specialized ones were put together, making the largest cultural institution in Zeeland along with one of the Netherlands major libraries.

Books & services

As well as a home of tomes Middelburg Library is a staging point for various cultural events, shows, educational programs. It is estimated the library employs 180 staff and lends in the region of 620,000 publications annually.[2]

Yet the library is not just a normal library with a public role to fill, it also serves as a Provincial Service Organization, advising institutions and other libraries, offering specialized services in all book-fields.

Opening hours

Zeeland Regional Library opens from:


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Coordinates: 51°29′47″N 3°36′57″E / 51.4963°N 3.6158°E / 51.4963; 3.6158

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