Yvonne Roberts

Yvonne Roberts (born 1948) is an English journalist.

Born in Newport Pagnall, Buckinghamshire, Roberts was educated at Warwick University between 1967 and 1969,[1] being taught by historian E. P. Thompson.[2] Her career in journalism began at the Northampton Chronicle & Echo[3] in 1969, remaining with the publication until 1971.

Roberts was employed on the Weekend World (1972–77), The London Programme (1977–79) and worked on This Week from 1988. She worked on the short-lived tabloid the News on Sunday, and has contributed to The Times, Evening Standard, New Statesman and The Independent. She first joined the staff of The Observer in 1990 where she has since been a leader writer.[3]

Roberts has been an Associate at the Young Foundation.[3] She has a daughter, Zoe Pilger, with journalist John Pilger.[4]


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