Yuwangtai District

Chinese transcription(s)
Country China
Province Henan
Prefecture Kaifeng
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Yuwangtai District (Chinese: 禹王台区 “Platform of King Yu”) is a district of Henan, China. It is under the administration of Kaifeng city.

It is named after a shrine dedicated to Yu the Great, an expert of flood prevention. The temple was built in 1523, during the Ming Dynasty amid frequent flooding by the Yellow River. The paifang at the base of the temple, built in 1762, during the Qing Dynasty, reads "Platform of the Ancient Performance" (古吹台 guchuitai), named for a musician, Shikuang (師曠), who used to play there during the Spring and Autumn period.

Coordinates: 34°46′37″N 114°20′53″E / 34.77694°N 114.34806°E / 34.77694; 114.34806

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