Youth Party – European Greens

Youth Party - European Greens
Leader Igor Jurišič
Founded 2000
Headquarters Rimska cesta 8, 1000 Ljubljana
Ideology Green politics
Political position Centre-left
European affiliation European Green Party
International affiliation Global Greens
European Parliament group None
Colours Green
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The Youth Party – European Greens (Stranka mladih - Zeleni Evrope, SMS-Zeleni) is a green political party in Slovenia. It is led by Igor Jurišič. Until July 2009, it was called Youth Party of Slovenia (Stranka mladih Slovenije, SMS).

At the early 2011 Slovenian parliamentary election on 4 December 2011, the party won 0.86% of the vote, thus not gaining any seat in the National Assembly.[1] In the 2008 election, the Youth Party ran a joint list with the Slovenian People's Party. The joint list secured 5 seats on 5.2% of the vote.[2] At the parliamentary elections on 3 October 2004, the party won 2.1% of the popular vote and no seats. At the 2000 elections, the party won 4.34% of the vote and 4 seats.

Established 4 July 2000, by those dissatisfied with the political situation at the time, the Youth Party of Slovenia sought to regenerate politics within the country. Traditionally, the youth in Slovenia have been unresponsive to political issues and though the party strongly encourages young people to get involved it considers itself a party for anyone who desires a fresh and spirited approach to politics in Slovenia. The party is a member of the European Green Party.

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