YouTube Play Button

YouTube Creator Rewards,[1] more commonly known as YouTube Play Buttons,[2] are a recognition by YouTube of its most popular channels. These are distinct from YouTube Awards which are intended to recognize the best quality videos; the YouTube Creator Rewards are based solely on a channel's subscriber count.

There are three levels of rewards:

  1. The Diamond Play Button, for channels with 10,000,000 subscribers
  2. The Gold Play Button, for channels with 1,000,000 subscribers
  3. The Silver Play Button, for channels with 100,000 subscribers


At VidCon 2012's Industry Day event, YouTube executive Tim Shey introduced the Gold Play Button, to be awarded to creators who have had their channels surpass one million subscribers.[3] At the time of announcement, 78 channels qualified for the award.[4] In addition, Shey announced that channels with over 100,000 subscribers would receive a $500 gift card and a DSLR camera case.[3][4] Channels with over 100,000 subscribers would later be eligible to receive a Silver Play Button.[1][2]

Three years later, at VidCon 2015, YouTube's VP of Product Management, Matthew Glotzbach announced the introduction of the Diamond Play Button.[5] At the time of this award's introduction, 35 channels qualified.[5]



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