Yi Yun-yong

This is a Korean name; the family name is Yi.
Yi Yun-yong
Acting Prime Minister of South Korea
In office
April 24, 1952  May 6, 1952
Preceded by Chang Myon
Succeeded by Jang Taek-sang
Personal details
Born (1890-08-19)August 19, 1890
Yŏngbyŏn, P'yŏngan Province, Joseon
Died October 15, 1975(1975-10-15) (aged 85)
Seoul, South Korea
Korean name
Hangul 이윤영
Revised Romanization I Yun-yeong
McCune–Reischauer Yi Yunyŏng

Yi Yun-yong was a South Korean politician. He was the acting prime minister of South Korea following Chang Myon.[1]

Preceded by
Chang Myon
Acting Prime Minister of South Korea
Succeeded by
Jang Taek-sang


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