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Yazhou Zhoukan (Chinese: 亞洲週刊; pinyin: Yàzhōu Zhōukān; literally: "Asia Weekly") is the only Chinese language international affairs newsweekly which has been published for over 20 years. Yazhou Zhoukan is now published by Yanzhou Zhoukan Limited, a subsidiary of Media Chinese International Limited which is based in Malaysia, which is one of the largest global Chinese media platforms targeting Chinese readers in major Chinese communities. It provides political, economic and cultural news around the world.

During its 15th Anniversary in 2002, Yazhou Zhoukan organized its first The Young Chinese Entrepreneur Award. The Award was open to individuals from five regions, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. This event gathered worldwide Chinese professionals and entrepreneurs to share their experiences and insights.

The headquarters of Yazhou Zhoukan is in Hong Kong. With its team of journalists worldwide, it is able to present global issues and Chinese perspectives on international issues.


Yazhou Zhoukan was formerly associated with Asiaweek, which was the English edition focusing on Asia. They were published weekly by Asiaweek Limited, a subsidiary of Time Inc. Based in Hong Kong, it was established in 1975.

Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Limited got the ownership of Yazhou Zhoukan from Time Warner Inc. in 1994. Currently, Yazhou Zhoukan is published by Yahzhou Zhoukan Limited, a subsidiary of Media Chinese International Limited, which is the parent company of Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation.


1987 - Yazhou Zhoukan was first published in December

1991 - Computer Typesetting was first used in producing Yazhou Zhoukan

1992 - Supplement, Global Chinese Business 300 was first launched

1993 - Supplements, Global Chinese Business 500 was first launched

1994 - Time Warner Inc. sold the ownership of Yazhou Zhoukan to Ming Pao Enterprise

1995 - Supplement, Global Chinese Business 100 - China Report was first launched

1998 - The website of Yazhou Zhoukan, yzzk.com, was first introduced

2001 - TOM.COM purchased 50% of shares of Yazhou Zhoukan in March

2002 - The Simplified version of Yazhou Zhoukan was first sold in Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia

2002 - The first The Young Chinese Entrepreneur Award was organized in December

2002 - Special Edition of Top 1000 Asian Company was introduced

2003 - Subscription of Yazhou Zhoukan was introduced in Thailand

2003 - Subscription of "Yazhou Zhoukan was introduced in Indonesia

Market positioning

Yazhou Zhoukan is the first Chinese title publishing international issues. Yazhou Zhoukan aims to provide the latest news about the global affairs to Chinese society, leaders and elites internationally. In its role as a Chinese language platform it reports news, current affairs, analysis and opinion.

Readers group

Yazhou Zhoukan reports the Chinese perspectives of all aspects of international issues, including political, economic and cultural fields. Readers of Yazhou Zhoukan are mainly Asians in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Canada, United Kingdom, United States etc. The majority of readers belong to the middle class with relatively high incomes and educational level. Most of them are senior management personnel and entrepreneurs.


The Society of Publishers in Asia Awards 2008:

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The Society of Publishers in Asia Awards 2006:

Yazhou Zhoukan has also won several awards from various organizations. In March 2003, its photographer Kwong Wingkeung has won the Focus at the Frontline 2002 organized by the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association in the Photo Essay Category for his work, Afghan- being neglected because of her peace. Three month later, the story Exclusive Report: Liu Xiaoqing, the Movie Star of the Mainland China, was Imprisoned has won the 2003 SOPA Editorial Excellence Award for Excellence in Reporting, Chinese Language Category.

Yazhou Zhoukan Young Chinese Entrepreneur Award

In 2002, Yazhou Zhoukan was elected the most popular Chinese magazine among Asian financiers and executives. In 2002, the 15th Anniversary of Yazhou Zhoukan, it organizes its first The Young Chinese Entrepreneur Award. It aims to encourage young entrepreneurs to excel in their fields in order to create a good prospect for the Asian economic climate.

Application Criteria:

This award is open to individuals from five regions, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Only one winner is selected from each of the five important Asian regions. The winners of the Young Chinese Entrepreneur Awards are mainly CEOs or Group Managing Directors of the companies with prestigious status.

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