Xinxiang County

Xinxiang County (simplified Chinese: 新乡; traditional Chinese: 新鄉; pinyin: Xīnxiāng) is a county in Xinxiang, Henan Province, China (PRC). It's situated in the center of the northern Henan Plateau. The Taihang Mountains are to the north, and the Yellow River is to the south.[1] The area is 365km2 with a population of 31,0000 in 2002. The postal code is 453700. Hongqi (Redflag) District, Xinxiang City is the county seat.

The county dates back to the Sui Dynasty (AD 581-618).


Xiaoji Town、Dazhaoying Town、Jupo Town、Qiliying Town、Langgongmiao Town and Guguzhai Town;Hehe Township。


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Coordinates: 35°11′28″N 113°48′18″E / 35.19111°N 113.80500°E / 35.19111; 113.80500

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