IUPAC name
725247-18-7 YesY
3D model (Jmol) Interactive image
ChemSpider 5293979 N
ECHA InfoCard 100.163.130
PubChem 6918788
Molar mass 596.424949
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XCT790 is a potent and selective inverse agonist ligand of the estrogen-related receptor alpha.[1] Independent of its inhibition of ERRα, XCT790 is a potent mitochondrial electron transport chain uncoupler. [2]

Mitochondrial electron transport chain uncoupling effect

XCT790 has been shown to uncouple oxygen consumption from ATP production in mitochondria at very low, nanomolar-range doses independently of ERRα expression. Its effects are similar to proton ionophores such as FCCP, which disrupt mitochondrial transmembrane electrochemical gradients. This uncoupling leads to a fast drop in ATP production and, consequently, a prompt activation of AMPK.[2]


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