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Original author(s) Luca "Luke" Calcinai
Initial release 2009 (2009)[1]
Stable release
1.1.28 / 21 July 2014 (2014-07-21)
Development status Active
Written in OpenOffice Basic
Platform OpenOffice, LibreOffice
Size 1.31 MB
Standard(s) EPUB, OpenDocument
Available in 14 languages
Type Desktop publishing software
License GNU Lesser General Public License
Website writer2epub.it/en/

writer2epub (short: w2e) is a free plugin for the various OpenOffice implementations (including Libreoffice) text processors ("Writer") to create EPUB-formatted e-Books "from any file format that Writer can read".[2][3][4] A text to be exported as EPUB has to be saved as OpenDocument (ODT)-formatted text document. Writer2epub is written in OpenOffice Basic. Author of writer2epub is Luca “Luke” Calcinai.

Strings for writer2epub's user interface are stored in a DialogStrings_xx_XX.properties file, of which the program brings 14 preconfigured in release 1.28, with "xx_XX" standing for the standard language identification like e.g. en_US.


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