World Xiangqi Championship

The World Xiangqi Championship is organised by the World Xiangqi Federation (WXF) and is held every two years since 1991. The inaugural edition took place in 1990 in Singapore.

List of winners

# Year Location Men Women Non-Chinese
1 1990 Singapore Singapore China Lü Qin Singapore Teo Sim Hua United Kingdom Winston Williams
2 1991 Kunming China China Zhao Guorong China Hu Ming United Kingdom Winston Williams
3 1993 Beijing China China Xu Tianhong China Hu Ming Vietnam Mai Thanh Minh
4 1995 Singapore Singapore China Lü Qin Canada Huang Yuying Vietnam Vo Van Hoang Tung
5 1997 Hong Kong Hong Kong China Lü Qin Italy Lin Ye Vietnam Mai Thanh Minh
6 1999 Shanghai China China Xu Yinchuan China Jin Haiying Japan Shoshi Kazuharu
7 2001 Macau Macau China Lü Qin China Wang Linna Hong Kong Kon Island
8 2003 Hong Kong Hong Kong China Xu Yinchuan China Guo Liping Japan Shoshi Kazuharu
9 2005 Paris France China Lü Qin China Guo Liping Hong Kong Kon Island
10 2007 Macau Macau China Xu Yinchuan China Wu Xia Japan Shoshi Kazuharu
11 2009 Xintai China China Zhao Xinxin China You Yingqin Indonesia Iwan Setiawan
12 2011 Jakarta Indonesia China Jiang Chuan China Tang Dan Hong Kong Kon Island
13 2013 Huizhou China China Wang Tian Yi China Tang Dan Thailand Krishna Sankirtan[1]
14 2015[2] Munich Germany China Zheng Weitong China Wang Linna Japan Shoshi Kazuharu


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