Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

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Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Founded in 1891
Appleton, Wisconsin
(joined Minor League Baseball in 1909)
Team logoCap insignia
Current Class A [1](1963–present)
Previous Class B (1958–1961)
Class C (1910–1914)
Class D (1909, 1940–1953, 1962)
Minor league affiliations
League Midwest League (1962–present)
Division Western Division
Previous leagues

Independent (1891, 1902)
Three-I League (1958–1961)
Wisconsin State League (1940–1942, 1946–1953)
Wisconsin–Illinois League (1909–1914)
Major league affiliations
Current Milwaukee Brewers (2009–present)

Seattle Mariners (1993–2008)
Kansas City Royals (1987–1992)
Chicago White Sox (1966–1986)
Baltimore Orioles (1962–1965)
Washington Senators (1958–1959)
Boston Braves (1952–1953)
St. Louis Browns (1950–1951)
Philadelphia Phillies (1947–1949)

Cleveland Indians (1942–1946)
Minor league titles
League titles (10)
  • 1960
  • 1964
  • 1966
  • 1967
  • 1969
  • 1978
  • 1982
  • 1983
  • 1984
  • 2012
Team data
Nickname Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (1995–present)
Previous names

Appleton Foxes (1962, 1967–1994)

Fox Cities Foxes (1963–1966)
Appleton Papermakers (1909–1953)
Colors burgundy, black, white, silver
Mascot Fang
Ballpark Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium (1995–present)
Previous parks
Goodland Field (1940–1994)
League Park (1909–1914)
Appleton Baseball Club, Inc.
Manager Matt Erickson
General Manager Rob Zerjav
Appleton Foxes logo from 1978 to 1994
Fang, mascot of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Timber Rattlers pitcher Chris Tillman warming up before a start
Hall of Famer Goose Gossage, New York Yankees, 1983

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are a minor league baseball team of the Midwest League, and the Class A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. The team is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, and are named for the timber rattlesnake, which is indigenous to the area.[2] The team plays its home games at Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium, which opened in 1995 and seats 5,170 fans (plus grass seating).[3] The Timber Rattlers have won nine league championships, most recently in 2012. World Series-winning Managers Earl Weaver and Jack McKeon were Managers at Appleton. Baseball Hall of Fame members Pat Gillick, Earl Weaver, and Goose Gossage played for Appleton. Five future Cy Young Award winners and three Most Valuable Player recipients were on Appleton/Wisconsin rosters.[4]


The team began play as the Appleton Foxes in the Three-I League in 1958, five years after Appleton's previous minor league franchise, the Papermakers, folded along with the rest of the Wisconsin State League. The Papermakers had played in the Wisconsin–Illinois League (1909–1914) before starting the franchise again decades later in the Wisconsin State League (1940–1953). The Foxes joined the Midwest League (MWL) in 1962 after the Three-I League disbanded, and continue play in the MWL today.[4]

The Foxes played at Appleton's Goodland Field and League Park before moving to their current home at Fox Cities Stadium, a larger, more modern ballpark on Appleton's northwest side in the town of Grand Chute. With the move, the Foxes took the new name of Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in an effort to attract fans outside the immediate Appleton/Fox Cities area. The franchise set its all-time attendance record of 253,240 in 2009, the first year of their affiliation with the Milwaukee Brewers.[3]

The Timber Rattlers are a non-stock club governed by Appleton Baseball Club, Inc., which is community-owned.[3] Appleton Baseball Club has a 12-person board of directors.[3] It has 168 active shareholders and 347 shares as of September 2008.[3]

Alumni: Hall of Fame

Three Timber Rattlers franchise alumni have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame:

Notable alumni


Yearly results

League Champions
Three-I League
SeasonAffiliationManagerRecordWin %FinishAttendancePlayoffs
1958WashingtonPete Suder56–73.4346th58,602
1959WashingtonJack McKeon59–67.4684th51,004
1960 BaltimoreEarl Weaver82–56.5941st61,062Won Title
1961BaltimoreEarl Weaver67–62.5194th47,552
Midwest League
SeasonAffiliationManagerRecordWin %FinishAttendancePlayoffs
1962BaltimoreBilly DeMars61–63.4927th41,323None
1963BaltimoreBilly DeMars55–65.4588th43,412None
1964 BaltimoreBilly DeMars81–43.6531st45,557Defeated Clinton 1–0
1965BaltimoreBilly DeMars55–63.4667th43,412None
1966 Chicago (AL)Stan Wasiak77–47.6212nd57,496Defeated Cedar Rapids 2–1
1967 Chicago (AL)Alex Cosmidis71–46.6071st48,186Defeated Wisconsin Rapids 2–0
1968Chicago (AL)Gary Johnson/Tom Umphlett57–61.4836th45,436None
1969 Chicago (AL)Tom Saffell84–41.6721st67,028Won both halves
1970Chicago (AL)Ira Hutchinson64–60.5165thNone
1971Chicago (AL)Joe Sparks79–44.6421stLost to Quad Cities 2–1
1972Chicago (AL)Bert Thiel76–51.5981stDefeated Wisconsin Rapids 1–0; Lost to Danville 2-0
1973Chicago (AL)Grover "Deacon" Jones44–76.36710thNone
1974Chicago (AL)Gordy Lund73–50.5932ndDefeated Wisconsin Rapid 2–0; Lost to Danville 2–1
1975Chicago (AL)Gordy Lund50–77.3949thNone
1976Chicago (AL)Jim Napier56–74.43110thNone
1977Chicago (AL)Gordy Lund54–84.3988thNone
1978 Chicago (AL)Gordy Lund97–40.7081stDefeated Waterloo 2–0; Defeated Burlington 2–1
1979Chicago (AL)Jim Breazeale63–72.4675thNone
1980Chicago (AL)Gordy Lund76–63.5472ndNone
1981Chicago (AL)Sam Ewing54–80.4036th66,780None
1982 Chicago (AL)Adrian Garrett81–59.5793rd81,970Defeated Springfield 2–0; Defeated Madison 2–1
1983 Chicago (AL)John Boles, Jr.87–50.6351st68,751Defeated Waterloo 2–1; Defeated Springfield 3–1
1984 Chicago (AL)Sal Rende87–49.6401st54,281Defeated Madison 2–1; Defeated Springfield 3–2
1985Chicago (AL)Sal Rende85–54.6121st76,860Lost to Kenosha 2–1
1986Chicago (AL)Duke Sims/Rico Petrocelli56–83.40311th60,001None
1987Kansas CityKen Berry71–69.5076th81,208None
1988Kansas CityBrian Poldberg58–82.41413th85,310None
1989Kansas CityBrian Poldberg67–68.4967th76,223None
1990Kansas CityJoe Breeden62–71.4668th84,396None
1991Kansas CityJoe Breeden58–81.41714th72,601None
1992Kansas CityTom Poquette70–62.5306th46,576Lost to Beloit 2–1
1993SeattleCarlos Lezcano62–73.4599th56,036None
1994SeattleCarlos Lezcano75–64.5404th76,281None
1995SeattleMike Goff63–75.45712th209,159None
1996SeattleMike Goff77–58.5702nd233,797Defeated Peoria 2–1; Defeated Quad City 2–1; Lost to West Michigan 3–1
1997SeattleGary Varsho76–63.5472nd227,104Lost to Kane County 2–0
1998SeattleGary Varsho72–65.5265th227,306Lost to Rockford 2–1
1999SeattleSteve Roadcap72–66.5225th223,814Defeated Rockford 2–0; Defeated Lansing 2–0; Lost to Burlington 3–2
2000SeattleGary Thurman78–60.5653rd220,372Defeated Kane County 2–1; Lost to Beloit
2001SeattleGary Thurman84–52.6182nd207,823Defeated Quad City 2–0; Lost to Kane County 2–0
2002SeattleGary Thurman53–86.38113th199,210None
2003SeattleDaren Brown69–66.5116th197,934Lost to Beloit 2–0
2004SeattleSteve Roadcap57–82.41012th206,487None
2005SeattleScott Steinmann76–63.5472nd211,927Defeated Beloit 2–1; Defeated Clinton 2–0; Lost to South Bend 3–2
2006SeattleJim Horner54–86.38613th209,033None
2007SeattleJim Horner53–85.38414th197,511None
2008SeattleTerry Pollreisz56–80[3].41210th190,263[3]None
2009MilwaukeeJeff Isom58-81.41712th253,240None
2010MilwaukeeJeff Isom58-80.42014th244,331None
2011MilwaukeeMatt Erickson67-72.48211th240,998None
2012 MilwaukeeMatt Erickson78-61.5613rd240,509Defeated Burlington 2–1; Defeated Clinton 2–0; Defeated Fort Wayne 3–1
2013MilwaukeeMatt Erickson59-76.43713th241,938None
2014MilwaukeeMatt Erickson72-67.518T-5th250,131Lost to Kane County 2–0
2015MilwaukeeMatt Erickson.360
2016MilwaukeeMatt Erickson71-69.5078th-Lost to Cedar Rapids 2-0


Wisconsin Timber Rattlers roster
Players Coaches/Other


  • 24 David Burkhalter
  • 32 Miguel Diaz
  • 18 Marcos Diplan
  • 26 Jake Drossner
  • 30 Alex Farina
  • 33 Nate Griep
  • 34 Scott Grist
  • 28 Conor Harber
  • 31 David Lucroy
  • 29 Drake Owenby
  • 20 Freddy Peralta
  • 22 Jon Perrin
  • 17 Quintin Torres-Costa
  • 23 Jordan Yamamoto


  •  9 Mitch Ghelfi
  • 21 Max McDowell


  • 16 Blake Allemand
  • 11 Luis Aviles
  •  6 Isan Díaz
  •  2 Jake Gatewood
  •  7 Sthervin Matos
  • 19 Tucker Neuhaus
  •  4 Alan Sharkey




  •  5 Chuck Caufield (coach)
  • 10 Al LeBoeuf (hitting)
  • 25 Gary Lucas (pitching)

7-day disabled list
* On Milwaukee Brewers 40-man roster
# Rehab assignment
∞ Reserve list
‡ Restricted list
§ Suspended list
† Temporary inactive list
Roster and coaches updated May 7, 2016
More MiLB rosters
Milwaukee Brewers minor league players


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