Windbag the Sailor

Windbag the Sailor
Directed by William Beaudine
Produced by Michael Balcon
Written by Stafford Dickens
George Edgar
Marriott Edgar
Will Hay
Starring Will Hay
Moore Marriott
Graham Moffatt
Music by Charles Williams
Cinematography Jack E. Cox
Edited by R.E. Dearing
Terence Fisher
Distributed by Gainsborough Pictures
Release dates
December 1936
Running time
87 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Windbag the Sailor (1936) is a British comedy film directed by William Beaudine, starring Will Hay in the title role. The film marked the first appearance of the famous team of Hay, Moffatt and Marriott.


Ben Cutlet (Will Hay) is a sea captain who entertains his bar room audience with tales of his days at sea, although his maritime experience extent is only the navigating of a coal barge. His tall tales catch him out when he is conned into commanding the Rob Roy, an unseaworthy ship, to the West Indies by a gang of criminals who mean to scuttle the ship for the insurance money.


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