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A win–win game is a game which is designed in a way that all participants can profit from it in one way or the other. In conflict resolution, a win–win strategy is a conflict resolution process that aims to accommodate all disputants.[1][2][3]


Group dynamics

Group-dynamics win–win games have been increasingly popular since the end of the Vietnam war and have been successfully applied to all levels of society.

Group-dynamics win–win games emphasize the importance of cooperation, fun, sharing, caring and overall group success in contrast to domination, egoistic behavior and personal gain. All players are treated as equally important and valuable. Win–win games often also carry an ethical message of caring for the environment and a holistic approach to life and society. Win–win games are a powerful tool to give people self-confidence and a "we" experience, especially when they have suffered from emotional isolation.

An example would be a game where all players try to carry a huge "earth ball" (a ball several meters in diameter) over their heads while negotiating an obstacle course. This is a typical example of a win–win game for several reasons:

Note that there are also mathematical win–win games; the mathematical term being non-zero-sum games. Such games are often simply represented by a matrix of payouts.

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