William FitzGeoffrey de Mandeville, 3rd Earl of Essex

This page refers to the 13th-century 3rd Earl of the second creation. For the 12th-century 3rd Earl of the first creation see William de Mandeville, 3rd Earl of Essex.

William fitz Geoffrey de Mandeville (died 1227) was the third Earl of Essex of the second creation from 1216 to his death. He was the second son of Geoffrey Fitz Peter and Beatrice de Say and he succeeded his elder brother Geoffrey FitzGeoffrey as earl and inheritor of the Mandeville barony. He was married to Christina Fitzwalter, one of Robert Fitzwalter's daughters, but died without heirs and the earldom became extinct.


Peerage of England
Preceded by
Geoffrey de Mandeville, 2nd Earl of Essex
Earl of Essex
Succeeded by

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