Wiesenburg Castle

Wiesenburg Castle

The Wiesenburg Castle (German: Burg Wiesenburg or Schloss Wiesenburg) is castle located in the Wiesenburg district of Wildenfels, Saxony, on a hill overlooking the eastern shore of the Mulde river. The castle protects the bridge across the Mulde to Schönau and Wildenfels.


Today's Castle arose out of a medieval castle, the construction of which probably began around the year 1200. The castle was first mentioned in a document dated 1251. The building was expanded in the 14th Century.

The only remains of the original castle are a part of the round keep, remnants of the castle wall, and a moat. Today's courtyard, with its timber construction and the octagonal gate tower were developed when the castle was reconstructed in 1664 after the Thirty Years' War.

History and owners

Wiesenburg Castle, lithograph 1839.

The first owners were the Vogts of Weida, who monitored the settling of the Kirchberg, Saxony basin and the Mulde area south-east of Zwickau. The inhabitants of more than twenty villages in the area had to pay socage to the castle, for example, all villages in the Rödel valley. Later, the castle ownership changed many times:[1]

1990 the castle is privately owned again. It is not publicly accessible.


Legends tell of a secret passage which connects the castle with a "robber's castle" in the Kiefericht (a grove on the other side of the Mulde Valley).


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