Type of site
Available in English
Owner Nadav Poraz[1]
Website whosampled.com
Alexa rank 14,650 (September 2014)[2]
Commercial No
Registration Optional
Launched October 1, 2008 (2008-10-01)[3][4]
Current status Active

WhoSampled is a website as well as an app database of information about sampled music or sampled based music, Cover versions cover songs and remixes, It was founded in London, England, United Kingdom. It compares current or modern songs with original recordings of songs or songs that referenced various musical elements from sources of original works, this is done by collecting large amounts of information from various digital and analogue music databases. Members of the site may sometimes be momentarily provided the opportunity for suggestions.[5] The database is organized by musical artist and catalogues samples through embedding third party hosts of the tracks.

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