Where in Europe Is Carmen Sandiego?

Where in Europe Is
Carmen Sandiego?
Developer(s) Brøderbund Software
Publisher(s) Brøderbund Software
Series Carmen Sandiego
Platform(s) Amiga, Apple II, Apple IIGS, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, MS-DOS, Mac OS
Release date(s) 1988
Genre(s) Educational
Mode(s) Single-player

Where in Europe Is Carmen Sandiego? was a game in the Carmen Sandiego franchise. It was produced by Brøderbund Software, Inc. and released in 1988.

The game was released on the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Apple II, Macintosh, and IBM PC.[1]

Rand McNally's Concise Atlas of Europe was included, and the game also contained a database of information on flag colors, currencies and languages, the first game in the series to do so. All actions in the game are made using a joystick or arrow keys.[2] Special editions of the game were made for use in classrooms.

The game was made secure against video game piracy by requiring the player to answer questions based on the hard-copy atlas before allowing further progress. This was an early method of protection.[3][4]

The game focused on European history and geography and was similar to other games in the franchise. As one of the older games of the series, it lacked the more spectacular graphics and gameplay of later games.

Production of the game was discontinued in 1990 due to the collapse of the Eastern Bloc of European countries, and the consequent major border and government changes that resulted.[5]


Aggregate score
Metacritic8.0 (Amiga)[6]
9.0 (Apple II)[6]
7.7 (C64)[6]
Review score

The New Straits Times described the game as "an excellent educational program disguised as a computer game".[1] Compute! stated that "Broderbund has another winner on its hands", and wished that Carmen would escape to additional countries in the future.[8] The game scored highly in reviews organised by GameFAQs,[9] Metacritic [6] and MobyGames [10]

In 1989 'the game won a Software Publishing Association Excellence in Software Award for Best Social Studies/Science Program and Best Home Learning Program.[11]


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