What's Up Nurse!

What's Up Nurse!
Directed by Derek Ford
Produced by Michael L. Green (producer)
Graham Stark (associate producer)
Starring John Le Mesurier
Graham Stark
Nicholas Field
Kate Williams
Angela Grant
Music by Roger Webb
Cinematography Les Young
Edited by Richard Marden
Distributed by Blackwater Film Productions
Release dates
Running time
77 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

What's Up Nurse! is a 1977 British sex comedy film directed by sexploitation director Derek Ford. It stars Nicholas Field, Felicity Devonshire and John Le Mesurier,[1] and tells the story of the adventures of a young doctor in a hospital. A sequel What's Up Superdoc! was released the following year, with Christopher Mitchell replacing Nicholas Field as Dr Todd.



Léon Hunt describes the film along with Ford's What's Up Superdoc! as a "return to the Carry On films' favourite setting to explore slap-and-tickle amidst the bedpans."[2] Sarah Street said that Ford's films Commuter Husbands (1973), Keep It Up, Jack (1974), The Sexplorer (1975) and What's Up Nurse (1977) were "films with salacious titles designed to titillate dwindling audiences with their suggestion of breaking taboos."[3] Michael Hawkes awarded the film 3 out of 5 stars.[4]


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