West Properties

Skyline Central, Manchester City Centre

West Properties (UK) Ltd is a United Kingdom based property development company. The company focuses on high-end development projects, including Skyline Central, Lumiere, and Vivo in Manchester.[1] Revenue for the 2008 fiscal year fell from £13.9m, down sharply from £26m the previous year.[1]

In their 2012 book, The Untouchables: The People who Helped Wreck Ireland, Shane Ross and Nick Webb note that West Properties was set up and is run by Donal Mulryan, who used to work for Ballymore Group, which is run by his brother Sean Mulryan.[2]

Skyline Central

Skyline Central is an elite apartment complex in Manchester which dominates the skyline in the Northern Quarter as Manchester's 11th tallest building at a height of 210 feet.[3] It is known for the luxurious lifestyle it offers its inhabitants over its 18 floors.


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