Wendy Perron

Wendy Perron
Occupation Dancer, Choreographer, Journalist
Nationality United States
Notable works former Editor-in-Chief, Dance Magazine, author of Through the Eyes of a Dancer, Selected Writings

Wendy Perron is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher who was the Editor in Chief of Dance Magazine from 2004 to 2013. She is the author of Through the Eyes of a Dancer, Selected Writings, published by Wesleyan University Press in November, 2013.

Perron graduated from Bennington College in 1969. She began her career in New York as a freelance dancer/choreographer at Dance Theater Workshop. She danced with the Trisha Brown Dance Company (1975 to 1978)[1][2] and studied briefly with Twyla Tharp. Perron later noted that "From Trisha and Twyla, I learned you can use any kind of strange, jagged, weird movements and make a piece flow,"[1]

Perron has taught dance and related studies at Bennington College,[3] Princeton University, NYU, Rutgers, and City College of New York .[4] She also led the Wendy Perron Dance Company from 1983 to 1994[4] and was a Senior Fellow of The Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School.[5] From 1992 to 94 she was associate director of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. She earned a master's degree from Empire State College in 2000.

Perron has written for The New York Times, The Village Voice, Ballet Review, and the Dance Research Journal.[5] She joined the editorial staff of Dance Magazine in 2000 and became its editor-in-chief in 2004.[6] In 2013 she became editor at large.

In April 2011, she was one of three artists inducted into New York Foundation for the Arts' inaugural Hall of Fame.[7]

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