Weird (comics)

The Weird

Cover to The Weird #4
Art by Bernie Wrightson
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance The Weird #1 (April 1988)
Created by Jim Starlin
Bernie Wrightson
In-story information
Species Zarolatt
Notable aliases Walter Langley
Abilities Density manipulation
Energy manipulation
Non-corporeal energy form

The Weird is a fictional DC Comics character created by Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson. He first appeared in his own self-titled miniseries The Weird in 1988.

Publication history

The Weird appeared in the eponymous mini-series.

The character returned in a number of series written by Starlin: the 2006 Mystery in Space series, Rann-Thanagar Holy War (2008) and the 2009 Strange Adventures series.

Fictional character biography

A being of pure energy from an alternate dimension, The Weird was a member of a race known as the Zarolatts. For years, his people had been exploited as energy sources by a cruel race known as the Macrolatts. However, for some unknown reason, The Weird did not share the docile acceptance of the rest of his race. When the Macrolatts sought to bridge the dimensional gap and attack other realms, The Weird knew he had to act. Escaping through a portal to another world, The Weird found himself on the planet Earth.

Seeking a corporeal form to contain his energy, he possessed the body of a dead man named Walter Langley. This produced a composite form which contained both The Weird's memories and traces of Langley's. In this shape, he sought out Earth's superheroes for aid and was dubbed "The Weird" by the Blue Beetle. With the heroes' assistance, he was able to repel the Macrolatt invasion.

Tragically, his victory was short-lived. The Weird soon discovered that his new body was molecularly unstable and approaching critical mass. With the help of Green Lantern Guy Gardner, he was taken to the depths of space where he detonated, ending his brief life in the physical realm.

Mystery in Space

Starlin would later return to his creation in the pages of the 2006 limited series, Mystery in Space.[1] For years, The Weird's spiritual essence had floated in the void until it made contact with the disembodied Captain Comet, himself robbed of life by the villainous Lady Styx. The intermingling of these spiritual bodies produced a reaction, which neither of them at this point understand, returning them both to life in regenerated bodies.

Since his return, The Weird has attempted to determine the cause of his mysterious resurrection and to seek out Comet, the "other" whose memories now mingle with his own. To this end, he has sought answers within the extraterrestrial church, The Eternal Light Corporation. Though, he has since discovered them to have a sinister agenda.

Having viewed the physical realm from outside of it, The Weird regards the universe with a more philosophical eye than most superhumans, always seeking to understand his own nature and purpose.

The New 52

The Weird becomes a member of the newly assembled Stormwatch team, debuting in issue #19.

Powers and abilities

Collected editions

The mini-series was reprinted in 2008 in the Mystery in Space, Volume 2 trade paperback (ISBN 1-4012-1692-7).


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