Weightlifting at the 2016 Summer Olympics

at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad
VenueRiocentro – Pavilion 2
Dates6–16 August 2016
No. of events15
Competitors260 from 94 nations
Weightlifting at the
2016 Summer Olympics
List of weightlifters
Men Women
  56 kg     48 kg  
62 kg 53 kg
69 kg 58 kg
77 kg 63 kg
85 kg 69 kg
94 kg 75 kg
105 kg +75 kg
+105 kg

Weightlifting competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro took place from 6 to 16 August at the Pavilion 2 of Riocentro. Around 260 athletes (156 men and 104 women) competed in 15 different events according to their respective weight categories.[1] Bulgaria[2] and Russia[3] were banned from participating in the sport due to multiple doping cases.


15 sets of medals were awarded in the following events:

  • 56 kg Men
  • 62 kg Men
  • 69 kg Men
  • 77 kg Men
  • 85 kg Men
  • 94 kg Men
  • 105 kg Men
  • +105 kg Men
  • 48 kg Women
  • 53 kg Women
  • 58 kg Women
  • 63 kg Women
  • 69 kg Women
  • 75 kg Women
  • +75 kg Women

Competition schedule

There were at most three sessions of competition on each day of the 2016 Olympics Weightlifting program:

QQualification FFinal
Date → Sat 6 Sun 7 Mon 8 Tue 9 Wed 10 Thu 11 Fri 12 Sat 13 Sun 14 Mon 15 Tue 16
Event ↓ E M A E M A E M A E M A E M A E A E E A E A E
Men's 56 kg Q F
Men's 62 kg Q F
Men's 69 kg Q F
Men's 77 kg Q F
Men's 85 kg Q F
Men's 94 kg Q F
Men's 105 kg Q F
Men's +105 kg Q F
Women's 48 kg F
Women's 53 kg Q F
Women's 58 kg Q F
Women's 63 kg Q F
Women's 69 kg Q F
Women's 75 kg Q F
Women's +75 kg F


Similar to 2012 format, a total of 260 athletes qualified through a combination of team and individual spots. Host nation Brazil had already guaranteed three automatic places for men and two for women, while ten spots (six for men and four for women) were entitled to the athletes through the Tripartite Commission Invitation, leaving the remaining berths up for grabs in both the men's and women's competitions respectively.[4][5]


Participating nations


Medal summary

Medal table

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 China5207
2 Thailand2114
3 Iran2002
4 North Korea1304
5 Kazakhstan1135
6 Chinese Taipei1012
9 Uzbekistan1001
10 Armenia0202
13 Philippines0101
15 Egypt0022
16 Japan0011
South Korea0011
United States0011
Total 21 NOCs 15 15 15 45

Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
56 kg
Long Qingquan
 China WR
Om Yun-chol
 North Korea
Sinphet Kruaithong
62 kg
Óscar Figueroa
Eko Yuli Irawan
Farkhad Kharki
69 kg
Shi Zhiyong
Daniyar Ismayilov
Luis Javier Mosquera
77 kg
Nijat Rahimov
 Kazakhstan WR
Lü Xiaojun
 China WR
Mohamed Ihab
85 kg
Kianoush Rostami
 Iran WR OR
Tian Tao
 China OR[7]
Gabriel Sîncrăian
94 kg
Sohrab Moradi
Vadzim Straltsou
Aurimas Didžbalis
105 kg
Ruslan Nurudinov
 Uzbekistan OR
Simon Martirosyan
Aleksandr Zaychikov
+105 kg
Lasha Talakhadze
 Georgia WR OR
Gor Minasyan
Irakli Turmanidze

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
48 kg
Sopita Tanasan
Sri Wahyuni Agustiani
Hiromi Miyake
53 kg
Hsu Shu-ching
 Chinese Taipei
Hidilyn Diaz
Yoon Jin-hee
 South Korea
58 kg
Sukanya Srisurat
 Thailand OR
Pimsiri Sirikaew
Kuo Hsing-chun
 Chinese Taipei
63 kg
Deng Wei
 China WR
Choe Hyo-sim
 North Korea
Karina Goricheva
69 kg
Xiang Yanmei
Zhazira Zhapparkul
Sara Ahmed
75 kg
Rim Jong-sim
 North Korea
Darya Naumava
Lidia Valentín
+75 kg
Meng Suping
Kim Kuk-hyang
 North Korea
Sarah Robles
 United States

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