We're in the Legion Now!

We're in the Legion Now

Directed by Crane Wilbur
Produced by George A. Hirliman (producer)
Charles J. Hunt (associate producer)
Louis Rantz (associate producer)
Written by J.D. Newsom (story "The Rest Cure")
Roger Whately (screenplay)
Crane Wilbur (additional dialogue)
Starring See below
Cinematography Mack Stengler
Edited by Tony Martinelli
Distributed by Grand National Films Inc.
Release dates
  • 1936 (1936)
Running time
56 minutes
Country United States
Language English

We're in the Legion Now is a 1936 American adventure comedy film shot in Magnacolor. The film is also known as The Rest Cure (American reissue title), which was the title of the 1934 original J.D. Newsom [1][2] story the film was based on..


Two petty criminals are pursued by a gangster from the U.S.A. to Paris, France, where they enlist into the French Foreign Legion to escape. After being drafted to a garrison in North Africa, they fall foul of military authority and are sent to a sadistic punishment camp, where they lead an insurrection against its commanding officer, and then help to defeat a native Mohammedan revolt.



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