M/S Värmdö is typical for the modern types of passenger ferries used for year-round traffic by Waxholmsbolaget.
S/S Norrskär and S/S Storskär, "skärgårdsångare" ("archipelago steamers") from the beginning of the 20th century that are still being used for scheduled traffic during the summer months.

Waxholms Ångfartygs AB, commonly referred to as Waxholmsbolaget, is a shipping company that is owned by Stockholm county council and is responsible for the seaborne public transport in Stockholm archipelago and Stockholm harbour. The company, which is mostly tax-funded, carried about 4.3 million travellers in 2003, covering a region from Arholma in north to Landsort in south.

The company owns 21 archipelago boats, and four boats for the inner-city Djurgårdsfärjan line. The operation of the ships is handled by several contractors, some of whom have their own ships.


Waxholmsbolaget was founded in 1869. It was created out of the Djurgårdens Ångbåts-Aktie-Bolag, which was established in 1849. The Stockholm county council has owned the company since 1967.[1][2] In 1970, Waxholmsbolaget took over the Djurgården ferries.[2]


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