Water Data Transfer Format

Water Data Transfer Format (WDTF) is a data delivery standard implemented by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) that was jointly developed with the CSIRO. The standard, released in 2009, specifies both the format of and the techniques used to deliver Australian water data measurements to the BoM.[1] Some private organisations and government agencies in Australia that collect water data are mandated to deliver it to the BoM according to the (Australian) Water Act 2007.[2]

An external meteorological data source that delivers data in WDTF-compliant forms is the CSIRO Land & Water's Automatic Weatherstation Network. Data from this weatherstation network can be viewed in a web browser, downloaded at text values in CSV format, downloaded in a condensed XML format for machine-to-machine communications, or downloaded as WDTF-compliant data. To see examples of these formats, visit the weatherstation network project's main page at http://weather.irrigateway.net

The use of WDTF is an example of work in the field of Irrigation Informatics.


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